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We sell the prepay products that drive people into your store.

Activata Prepay’s history and pedigree

Activata [ak-tuh-veyt-ah] is a new name to the prepay market. In late 2012, we sold assets in our former business and changed our name to Activata Prepay. With this behind us we have moved our attention to the thing that we love to do – prepay innovation.

Well established pedigree

Here are a few of the major achievements in our scrapbook since our inception in 2003.

  • First to provide electronic activation service to all New Zealand telcos – this extended the telcos’ reach and security in the distribution and management of prepaid mobile top up pins
  • First to provide phone cards as mag activated cards available for instore display and sell through.   A better method of sale to pin on receipt for discretionary purchase products.  Long term recharge by winning wallet space
  • First to allow recharge of phone cards though a retailer channel. Fostering great supplier/consumer relationships for many resulting in recharges in excess of 50% of cards issued
  • First to provide top up services for phones in other countries. Bringing revenues to NZ retailers for the activation of value on internationally located mobile phones
  • First to recognise the opportunity of the new category of prepaid gift cards
  • Creator of the Gift Station (a card mall) in 3rd party retail locations allowing consumers to choose and activate gift cards from dozens of retailers.
  • First to offer online music downloads as a gift card
  • First to provide gaming and digital media products to retail stores allowing a broad range of retailers to engage in the multibillion dollar business of online gaming
  • First to retail 3rd party gift cards online en-mass with electronic activation
  • First to foster and prove the return from  in store formatting and placement of gift cards and other virtual goods in high traffic areas driving strong category growth and retailer and content providers success in this new category in NZ retail
  • Fastest growing Retail business in Deloittes NZ Fast 50 in 2007
  • 2nd fastest growing company Deloitte NZ Fast 50 in 2007
  • 15th fastest growing Technology company in Deloittes Asia-Pac Fast 500 in 2007

For every opportunity we brought to market since 2003, there were many others worthy of attention.  We chose to concentrate on what we believed the market was ready for and what we knew we could deliver quickly to foster positive growth.

Our present and future

Now, with a mature market and our collective know-how we are excited at the prospect of providing profitable and compelling products and services to our partners that will deliver competitive advantage to all we engage.

Who we are

We provide high quality service and excellence in activation, payments and promotion.


We are Kiwi owned and operated and Our New Zealand based teams are always ready to help.

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