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product voids | 0800 960 000


We sell the prepay products that drive people into your store.


Driving more customers to your store could be as simple as offering ActivPay 

ActivPay helps grow sales for merchants by allowing the acceptance of popular payment methods in-store. ActivPay services are competitively priced and by offering these services you will not only extend your reach to local customers but also open your business up to international customers.

ActivPay currently offer;  

Credit card payment processing – Activata have partnered with Bambora to provide a cost effective credit card processing service that allows merchants to accept credit card payments from both local and international credit card holders.

Access to popular Asian payment methods – Activata have partnered with Latipay to provide New Zealand retailers access to popular Chinese e-wallet payment methods; WeChat Pay and Alipay, via an easy to use app based payment system.


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We provide high quality service and excellence in activation, payments and promotion.


We are Kiwi owned and operated and Our New Zealand based teams are always ready to help.

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