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product voids | 0800 960 000


We sell the prepay products that drive people into your store.

Compass Bill Guru account top up card

Compass Communications provides low-cost toll calls, mobile, broadband and phone lines to residential and business customers.

Compass’ prepay service allows customers to connect regardless of the outcome of any credit check and to stay connected by managing their payments.

Keep an eye out for the Compass account top up card, featuring the Bill Guru logo… it could be presented in your store at any time.

What to do

There’s nothing for you to stock and all Activata retailers can top this card up. Treat it just like an Activata phone card or GLO-BUG card.

  • Take payment
  • Swipe the card through your terminal
  • Enter the amount to top up

Your customer’s Compass account balance will be topped up as soon as you’ve completed the transaction.

New customers, new services

Account top up cards like Bill Guru and GLO-BUG are becoming increasingly popular as customers look for the convenience of paying at their local store. Transactions are growing fast and retailers are enjoying new clientele.

Every customer visit is a chance to sell one more item and these customers top up an average of 2.8 times per week. That’s a lot of foot traffic and a lot of sales opportunities for you.

More importantly, your customers need to top up, so don’t let them go to your competitor… where they may do the rest of their shopping too.

Who we are

We provide high quality service and excellence in activation, payments and promotion.


We are Kiwi owned and operated and Our New Zealand based teams are always ready to help.

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