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About Activata

Activata is the vital link between retailers and partners, delivering the prepaid products NZ consumers want at their local dairy or convenience store. From major brand SIM cards and mobile top ups to prepaid electricity, phone cards and transport services, we’re busy behind the scenes enabling fast, secure transactions at over 2,600 locations nationwide.

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Prepay customers can top up in thousands of dairies and convenience stores nationwide. Find your nearest store by entering your address below. Please enter your street, suburb and town/city.


Mobile top ups

Vodafone prepay mobile top ups

Available in denominations of $20, $25, $30, $35, $40, $50. Can be used to top up a Vodafone mobile phone or mobile broadband.

Spark mobile top ups

Available in dominations of $10, $20, $30, $40, $50, $60. Can be used to top up a Spark (was Telecom) mobile phone or mobile broadband.

2degrees mobile top ups

Available in dominations of $20, $30, $40, $50, $70, $90, $100, $150.

Skinny mobile top ups

Available in denominations of $5, $10,$20, $50.

Warehouse mobile top ups

Available in denominations of $10, $15, $20.

International top ups


Available in denominations: $10, $20, $30, $40, 50, 75, 100. Use to top up Vodafone Fiji and Inkk (Fiji mobile service provider) numbers back in Fiji.


Available in dominations of $10, $20, $30, $50. Use to top up Digicel prepaid mobile phone accounts in Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and Nauru.


Available in denominations of $10, $18, $34. With an ezetop voucher, your customers can top up mobile phones in more than 120 countries including UK, Russia, USA, Brazil, China and India. See for the list of countries and participating mobile operators.

Top-up Pacific

Available in denominations: $10, $20, $30, $40, 50, 75, 100. To top up visit

Mobile SIMs

With so many players, competition is fierce in the prepay mobile SIM market. That means your customers are more aware than ever that switching to a new provider, or even having multiple providers, can offer them a great deal.

Stock your SIMs through Activata and enjoy a new source of income AND a new way to increase your top up sales.

Switching has never been easier either. Consumers just need to buy a SIM card for the prepay mobile brand they want and put it into their phone.

Your customers already buy top ups from you; add SIMs to the mix and see your earnings grow.

Major Brands

image4   image5

Bonfire® Prepaid Gift Mastercard®all-4-bonfire-cards

Introducing bonfire gift cards! Card Works Ltd. has chosen Activata as the distributor for the hottest gift on the market this year.  The recipient of a bonfire gift card has the freedom to make purchases at a variety of retail and online stores, as it can be used everywhere Mastercard is accepted, in New Zealand and overseas. You can purchase a bonfire gift card online or in-store at selected nationwide retailers and give it as a gift for another or keep it as a reward for yourself.

The Bonfire Prepaid Gift MasterCard;

  • has a low card load fee*
  • can be loaded in increments of a dollar
  • can be loaded with as little as $25 or up to $1000*
  • can be purchased quickly, easily, and securely

*View the Terms & Conditions and Fees pages for more details.

For more information about the bonfire gift card please visit the FAQs page. You can purchase a gift card in-store from a participating retailer or buy one online at today!

Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. © Card Works Limited 2017

Prepaid Power


glo-bugGLOBUG is a prepay electricity service available for customers in Auckland and Christchurch. Customers maintain a positive credit balance by topping up using their green GLOBUG payment card at Activata outlets.

GLOBUG customers, on average, top up 8 times per month bringing considerable foot traffic to your stores.

Customers choose the amount to credit to their GLOBUG account, tender payment and Activata retailers top up their GLOBUG card in the same way as topping up a phone card. Any amount between $20 and $500 can be loaded.

For more information and to learn how GLOBUG customers identify their nearest retailer, please visit


wiseWise Pre-Pay Energy is an Electricity retailer providing pre pay power to its customers.

Customer can top up at Activata outlets using cards provided to them associated with their account.

Just swipe WISE cards on your EFTPOS machine, it will work straight away.

For more information about Wise, please visit


Snapper Transport Services

snapperIf your store is based in Wellington or Whangarei, you’ll know Snapper is the seamless way for people to pay for a wide range of transport services including Bus, Taxis, the Wellington Cable Car and Parking services.

With customers actively looking to perform Snapper related transactions, Activata can easily set your store up to offer all these services:

  1. Snapper Transport cards
  2. Snapper top up sales and other transactions such as check balances
  3. Concession purchases. Eg Go Wellington30

It’s that simple!

Learn more about Transport Services

Bill payments

bill-guru-cardBill Guru is Activata’s own alternative bill payment service.

It allows utility and service providers to move selected customers onto prepay by allowing them to top up in small, regular amounts anywhere in the Activata network.

Companies providing utilities or telco services, for example Compass Communications, use Bill Guru to allow their customers to connect regardless of the outcome of any credit check and importantly to stay connected by managing their payments.

Account top up cards like Bill Guru are becoming increasingly popular as customers look for the convenience of paying at their local store. As Retailers, you’ll enjoy new, regular clientele who top up and shop for essentials on average 2.8 times a week.

What to dobill-guru

  • There’s nothing for you to stock and all Activata retailers can top this card up. Treat it just like a phone card or GLOBUG card.
  • Take payment
  • Swipe the card through your terminal
  • Enter the amount to top up
  • Your customer’s account balance will be topped up as soon as you’ve completed the transaction.

Phone cards - Best Sellers

Talk ‘n’ Save

  • Incredibly cheap rates around NZ and the world 24/7
  • Low connection fee
  • Simple, straightforward, no hidden charges, no hooks

Cheap Chat

  • Cheap rates around the world
  • One toll free access number for all calls
  • High quality digital calling


  • Hot national & international rates 24/7
  • No connection fee
  • Rates include GST
  • Simple, straightforward, no hidden charges or hooks

Phone cards - Good performers


Go Talk

  • Hot rates 24/7 to Pacific Islands, Europe and North America
  • No connection fee
  • 10% bonus on $30 and $50

Happy Calling

  • Competitive rates 24/7 to Western Europe
  • Middle East and India
  • No connection fee
  • 15 languages available


  • Great for calling Europe, South America and Middle East
  • Rates starting from 1.6c/min
  • No Connection Fee


  • Great rates 24/7 to South America, Asia and Australia
  • 15 languages available
  • 10% bonus on $30/$50 cards


  • New Zealand renowned phone card
  • Awesome rates to Middle East, India, Pacific Islands and much more
  • 24 Hour Flat Rates and No Connection Fee

Pacific Talk

Hot rates for the Pacific

Call quality guaranteed every time

No connection fees

Call from any phone, anywhere

Talk Talk

  • Well positioned for South East Asia
  • Hot rates to China & Korea
  • Fantastic per minute rates

TalkPlus Global

  • Fantastic international rates
  • Toll free access from 34 countries
  • No connection fees
  • Foreign language options available

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