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We sell the prepay products that drive people into your store.

Digital Currency

Are you offering enough digital currency options in-store for your customers? Activata now offers its customers Paysafe and zGold-MOLPoints in-store.


paysafe-logo-2017Paysafe is a Prepaid electronic means of payment in the form of a voucher for electronic commerce.

Did you know about 21% of all New Zealanders do not have a credit card*. Many of those who have credit cards still choose to not to use it online, for fear of sensitive information being abused or lost. 

Paysafe removes these obstacles and creates an opportunity for retailers to make additional revenue.

So how does Paysafe work in-store?

Customers can

  • buy a Paysafe voucher with their preferred face value via your Activata Terminal.
  • purchase amounts between $10, $20, $50, $100, $200 NZD.
  • use their Paysafe digital currency by entering a 16 digit pin from the voucher online to activate credit for online purchases safely and simply.

Key benefits to having Paysafe in-store today!

  • Great margin return – Paysafe returns a 2.5% margin to you and with one more item in the shopping basket, there is one more reason to visit your store.

What about the benefits to Consumers?

  • Fast, easy and secure – It means your customers can purchase prepaid digital currency that can be used to make purchases online, fast, easy and securely.
  • Trusted consumer product – Paysafe is one on the world’s most popular and proven online prepaid payment method. Consumers can confidently pay online for items without entering personal information or credit card details.



zgold-mol-points-logo_black-03-12017zGold-MOLPoints are sold at over 1 million online and retail stores in countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Consumers purchase points in-store and can access over 500 online games, digital content and services.

So how does zGold-MOLPoints work in-store?

  • Customers request the top-up amount they require in digital currency values of $10, $20, $50 & $100 to be printed out in-store on a thermal slip.
  • Customers log into their account online at the MOL website to top up their zGold-MOLPoints

Key benefits to having zGold-MOLPoints in-store today!

  • Growing category – The gaming community is an ever growing customer base for the digital currency category. If you don’t already offer your customers digital currency in-store, this is one product we would recommend you have, gamers are ready & willing to spend, in order to keep playing their favourite games online.
  • Reach new customers – Razor inc., is the global leading maker of premium gaming accessories. The strategic partnership with MOL will help to bring your business to greater heights, as MOL payment channels provide reach to millions of consumers, who are primarily hardcore gamers with high spending on games’ hardware and content.

What are the consumer benefits?

  • Best in class – zGold-MOLPoints offer customers an easy purchase process to acquire a universal currency to purchase multiple gaming products. This is through a one “Currency” or “Points” system. A product made simple for a loyal customer base is an easy sell in-store.

How do you get started with Paysafe and zGold-MOLPoints in-store?

  • Cost to set up is free provided you have an appropriate Eftpos terminal, set up only takes a couple of minutes.
  • Get in touch with your local sales representative, call us on 0800 960 000 or contact us online.


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