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My terminal is giving a transmission error and I cannot log on

Your terminal is not receiving a reply from the Activata or Paymark host server. This is not likely to be a terminal fault but may indicate a problem with phone lines between your location and Activata/Paymark.

  1. Check phone line or ethernet cable is plugged in and the modem light is on.
  2. Is any other device (eg phone, fax, dial up Internet) using the same line?
  3. Has anything changed? eg: new PINpad, new PABX or phone, etc. If so, this is likely to have affected your connection. If in doubt contact the technician who installed the new device.
  4. Is there dial tone? If necessary, plug a telephone into the socket and check for dial tone. If there is no dial tone, the terminal will say “waiting for line” and will not transact.
  5. Does your terminal read error 10? If so, the terminal is blocked. Contact Activata Customer Care.
  6. Attempt a logon.
    – “Logon accepted”. Problem solved.
    – “Declined. MAC error” – something has changed in your set-up. Call Activata Customer Care.
    – “Transmission error” again – possible local area telephone line problem. Call Activata Customer Care

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