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Get Credit Card and Asian Payments Services through ActivPay Now

We are excited to announce we have designed our ActivPay service specifically for retailers to capitalise on popular and emerging payment methods. More than ever local and international customers are demanding convenient ways to pay for goods and service in-store. ActivPay offers our retailers access to our competitive credit card processing service and Asian payments services; WeChat Pay and Alipay.

If you haven’t heard more and more customers demand credit function in-store to pay for goods and services. By signing up-to ActivPay you can accept payments from Mastercard, Visa and more scheme card providers; opening your store up-to new revenue, customers and the ability to process payments faster with contactless.


Customers tend to spend more and buy more impulse items when credit facilities are available. Are you missing out on additional sales and revenue but not offering this service?

Activata have partnered with Latipay to provide our retailers with the popular Asian payment services WeChat Pay and Alipay, as demand for these services grows exponentially. Asian payment services are the preferred method of payment by Chinese customers. Chinese visitors represent the second highest visitor numbers to New Zealand, with 420,000 visitors arriving in the last year, spending over $2.5 billion. The current customer base is set to grow 17% YOY for the next 10 years and includes Chinese tourists, students on study visa’s and residents who still have Chinese bank accounts.

In app payment methods allow customers and merchants to make on the spot payments. Customers simply scan the merchants unique QR code, currency is deducted in Renminbi from the Chinese e-wallet holder and deposited in the merchants bank account in New Zealand dollars.

Best of all by signing up to ActivPay, WeChat Pay and Alipay drive customers to your store with location proximity notifications and push marketing notifications, offering customers discounts to visit your store, at absolutely no cost to your business. Stay one step ahead of your competitors by signing up to ActivPay today!

Make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity, get ActivPay today!  Simply talk with your Activata sales representative, call us on 0800 960 000, or contact us online today!


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