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Power Through Activata

How does power through Activata work?

Activata is now a retailer of electricity. That means you can get a great deal on your store’s power and benefit from other Activata products when you switch your power to Activata.

Switching electricity retailers is simple. Your power supply never changes, you’re just billed by Activata instead of your current supplier.

Another great reason is you get billed weekly, making it easier to manage your cashflow instead of keeping it aside for a monthly bill.

  • Show us a recent bill, we’ll check if you’re eligible to switch
  • Keep the price you currently pay, including any prompt payment discounts
  • Get billed weekly, not monthly
  • Get a FREE Smart Meter* so your power charges are accurate and easily monitored.
  • Get rebates on other Activata products

Contact us for information on power

* Free installation applies within business hours only, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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