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Distributor – Bonfire Gift Mastercard

Activata are the distributor of Bonfire Gift Mastercards to NZ retailers.

The Bonfire Gift Mastercard is a variable load prepaid gift Mastercard and is sold in Foodstuffs supermarkets [insert logos – Pak N Save, New World, Four Square], significant convenience stores and other retailers.





Opportunities also exist to merchandise fixed value Bonfire Gift Mastercards – e.g. $50, $100 etc. The Bonfire Gift Mastercard product is beautifully packaged in a hang sell card carrier.








Merchandising the Bonfire Gift Mastercard provides retailers with an attractive earn model by sharing a proportion of the $4.95 card purchase fee.  Typically a very good margin per square centimetre is enjoyed by the retailer which secures a prominent placement at the point of sale and/or gift affinity placement.

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    Bonfire Gift Mastercard Ppint of Sale Display & Marketing

    Activata provide a number of point of sale display options to enable retailers to maximise sales.  These include:

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