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product voids | 0800 960 000


We sell the prepay products that drive people into your store.

Prepaid Power


GLOBUG is a prepay electricity service available for customers in most national areas. Customers maintain a positive credit balance by topping up using their green GLOBUG payment card at Activata outlets.

GLOBUG customers, on average, top up multiple times per month bringing considerable foot traffic to your stores. Customers choose the amount to credit to their GLOBUG account, tender payment and Activata retailers top up their GLOBUG card in the same way as topping up a phone card. Any amount between $20 and $500 can be loaded.

For more information and to learn how GLOBUG customers identify their nearest retailer, please visit


wiseWise Prepay Energy is an Electricity retailer providing pre-pay power to its customers.

Customers can top up at Activata outlets using cards provided to them associated with their account.

Just swipe WISE cards on your EFTPOS machine, it will work straight away.

For more information about Wise, please visit

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