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We sell the prepay products that drive people into your store.


Innovative solutions enabling thousands of New Zealand retailers to sell leading brands fast and securely.

Flexible solutions for retail connectivity

paymark-1We offer a selection of methods of connecting your store to our network, from delivery through an Eftpos or standalone Activata terminal integrated with activPOS – our retail management point of sale solution.

Our network has direct connectivity with Eftpos transaction provider Paymark and we have direct connectivity to our content providers, enabling immediate activation of products.


 One integrated Eftpos and Activata terminal

Ingenico_terminalThis solution provides you with one terminal to process both your Eftpos payment transactions and Activata product sales. This terminal supports debit and credit card transactions and is ideal for retailers where counter space is at a premium and value for money is vital. Activata terminal rental rates are reasonable and our popular terminal rebates reward your sales of mobile top ups and phone cards by reducing your rental on a sliding scale.

Stand-alone Activata solution

A robust terminal dedicated to Activata transactions, ideal for retail environments committed to an existing Eftpos terminal contract. This terminal can be deployed wherever a phone line or broadband is available. Rental of dedicated terminals also attracts terminal rebates, making it extremely cost effective.

Software download

A number of Eftpos terminals are directly compatible with Activata, requiring only a software download to provide connectivity. Please contact us to ask if your terminal is compatible.

Point of sale & Eftpos integration

Seamless Eftpos integration with point of sale systems is an excellent choice for all retailers. Direct connectivity provides for easy, transparent sales and importantly, speeds up the sales process while eliminating costly mistakes at the checkout.

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We provide high quality service and excellence in activation, payments and promotion.


We are Kiwi owned and operated and Our New Zealand based teams are always ready to help.

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